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Intro to Pickleball

Curious about how to play

This course covers:

  • Court Layout
  • How to Serve
  • How to Keep Score

Supervised games
$10 for Drop-In Members (No Drop In Fee*)
Complimentary for Monthly or Annual Members

Guided Beginner Open Play

Play games with other people just getting into pickleball

  • This is a social open play that is supervised by a staff member
  • The staff will remind you of the rules and ensure you know what to do and where to go on the court
  • These sessions are a great transition between Intro to Pickleball and an unsupervised open play

What is Pickleball?

What do all of these lines mean?
How do I serve the ball?
When do I get points? What is the score?
Where should I be on the court?

Rough Guide to Skill Ratings

The Paddle

A pickleball paddle is essential to playing the game! Paddles come in a huge variety of styles and price points. If you don’t know where to start when selecting a paddle, we have your back! Find a beginner’s guide to paddles in the next section.

Appropriate Footwear

The shoes you wear on the court make all the difference. Please select the appropriate footwear when choosing to play pickleball. Want to look for a shoe that provides adequate support and cushion to compensate for the active nature of this sport. Typical sneakers often do not provide this for the average player and can lead to an increased chance of injury. We want you to be on the court for a long time with us, so please make sure you have shoes designed for racket sports when you gear up!