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Lessons are offered by skill level to ensure each member who signs up has the best coaching experience.  Please check the level of the clinic you are registering for.

Supervised Play

$35 per person
($50 for Rich L)

Members play games with 3 other players supervised by a pro.  The pro will stop the games periodically to highlight specific issues or problems that they observe as well as provide tips or feedback on how to improve this.

3+ Pro

$50 per person
($60 for Rich L)

Members will play games with 2 other players and the pro. During these sessions the pro is on court for the entire hour. This format gives players a great opportunity to experience what playing with a pro would be like.


$100 per person
($140 for Rich L)

Private lessons are 1 on 1 sessions where the pro will work with an individual member on any area they are struggling with or specific skill they would like to improve.

Meet Our Pros

Level up your game with our expert team of Pro coaches.
Whether you’re a first time or highly experienced player, we have the right coach for you.

Richard Livornese

Richard Livornese

Head Coach & Strategic Advisor

Richard Livornese Jr is a 22 Professional Pickleball player. He has been playing for 2 years and plays on the APP tour. He has signed a contract with MLP for 2024 and beyond, He is also a part of the APP Next gen national team. He has won pro medals on the APP along with winning the last next gen event. Richard has been teaching pickleball for almost 2 years now. He has taught in New Jersey Pennsylvania and run camps around the country. He is a IPTPA level 2 pro certified coach. He loves working with all players but specializes in helping look at and help players work on their technique especially at the higher levels.

Manickam Ramanathan


Tom Connolly


Tom has been a PPR certified professional since 2021. Tom is a 5.4 DUPR rated player, ranked 11 th in thestate of New Jersey and has played in over 100 pickleball tournaments in 20 states. Some of his career highlights include a gold medal at the 2022 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships and a bronze medal at the 2023 US Open Pickleball Championships. Tom is passionate about pickleball and loves coaching players of all levels from beginners to advanced. Tom’s extensive tournament, playing and coaching experience will help guide you to achieve your pickleball goals.

Carolyn Dardani-Horensky


As a PPR certified coach and USA pickleball ambassador for Middlesex County, Carolyn welcomes all to the sport of pickleball. She is a spirited player who enjoys introducing and teaching others how to play pickleball. Her passion is helping her students to develop and master new skills on the court.

Camrin Cronheim


Camrin was previously a tennis pro at Nassau tennis club and also a collegiate tennis player. He has now completely switched over to pickleball and has been playing for over a year now, making quick progress on the court and can’t put his paddle down! Camrin loves coaching his pickleball players to challenge themselves to up their game and he continues to be a student and fan of the game.